2007 Designated「Tangible Cultural Property」Beppu Tower


Beppu Tower

Beppu Tower's history.

The Footsteps of Beppu Tower

Beppu Tower(Completed in 1957 - 90m)
Nagoya's Nagoya TV Tower(Completed in 1954 - 180m)
Osaka's Tsutenkaku(Completed in 1956 - 103m)
Sapporo's Sapporo TV Tower(Completed in 1957 - 147m)
Tokyo's Tokyo Tower(Completed in 1958 - 333m)
Fukuoka's Hakata Port Tower(Completed in 1964 - 103m)
Japan's six towers are commonly
referred to as the "Six Tower Brothers."
Each was designed by the famous tower architect Tachu "Dr. Tower" Naito, emeritus professor of Waseda University.

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Naito Tachu, known as Dr. Tower, has designed numerous towers nationwide. He designed many kinds of buildings, including the Six Tower Brothers that Beppu Tower is a part of. He is also known as "the father of earthquake-proof design," and the buildings he designed, such as the Industrial Bank of Japan and the then under construction Kabuki-za, were mostly undamaged by the Great Kanto Earthquake.

『Treasure of a Hot Spring City Beppu Tower』

Beppu Tower was completed on May 10th, 1957.
This was considered the golden age of the Showa period.
Beppu Tower was planned to be the centerpiece of the Beppu Onsen Tourism Industrial Expo,
and construction of the tower began using the 280 million yen invested by Beppu Tourism and Development,
founded by local financiers.
Unfortunately, construction was delayed due to funding problems,
and the tower was not completed in time for the expo.

Additionally, attracting customers to the tower proved difficult.
By forming an publicity unit, which they shipped out to Hokuriku,
Kanto, and Kansai for extravagant, yet honest promotions,
Beppu Tower turned into a tourist attraction so huge that they served
4000 meals a day during field trip season,
and saw 900 thousand visitors a year.

Once the tower was complete and they started recruiting employees,
thousands of applicants lined up for their turn,
stretching all the way to the old Beppu Station.

While the city seen below continues to change over the years,
this 360° viewpoint is both everlasting and available
to all as long as Beppu Tower stands.

Beppu Tower was designated as a tangible cultural property on its 50th anniversary,
and will continue to be cherished by the people as a watchful
landmark of their hot spring city.

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