2007 Designated「Tangible Cultural Property」Beppu Tower


Beppu Tower

The Stunning Beppu View

A sightseeing spot that has been well-loved for over fifty years,
it offers a 360-degree view of Beppu City and Beppu Bay.

Features awaiting visitors include displays about the tower’s history,
the “Beppu Santaro” mascot, and a variety of products and souvenirs.

A viewing platform with an unbroken view of Beppu's sea and mountains.

Panorama image

Viewing Platform

Business Hours   9:30〜21:30
Regular holiday   Wednesday(Besides Holidays)New Year’s Eve
Price per person   23 years old and over JPY 500
12 - 22 years old JPY 400
6 - 11 years old JPY 300
5 years old or younger FREE
TEL   +81-977-26-1555

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