2007 Designated「Tangible Cultural Property」Beppu Tower


Beppu Tower

Beppu Santaro's Personal History

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The father of the famous Beppu Santaro dolls!

The father of the famous Beppu Santaro dolls! image

〜A New & Gentle Breeze〜

Nakano is a craftsman who breathes new life into Beppu Santaro.
These are figures that represent Beppu Santaro's gentle nature.

The pieces combine the craftsman's gentle personality
with that of Beppu Santaro for a perfect match.
These Beppu Santaro figures can be found at the viewing platform on 17F.
After enjoying the Beppu view,
turn around to enjoy what the viewing platform has to offer,
and the Beppu Santaro dolls while you're at it.

【Craftman Nakano's atelier】Oita Kunimimachi Atelier Gallery Tour「Atelier La Paloma」

Always with a smile! A brief introduction of Beppu Santaro's "Kyou no Kotodama."

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